COLLIURE II, FRANCE, watercolor, 5x7 in., in exhibition at the San Diego Watercolor Society, San Diego, California. This is the second watercolor juried in yesterday. Colliure is a very colorful and beautiful town in the south of France, close to the border with Spain. At the beginning of the 20th C. it was the last town reached by the French trains. This is where Fauvism was born. The art tour guides tell the story of Matisse escaping the art scene of Paris, taking the train the farthest it would go, stopping in Colliure. Then he invited Derain, and others followed. They went wild with colors, and Fauvism was born.

Reception  at the Watercolor Society Gallery at Liberty Station, San Diego, California, this coming Friday, April 3, from 5:00- 8:00 pm. YOU ARE INVITED! COME FOR THE ART, STAY FOR THE WINE!