Volcan Poas, Costa Rica

VOLCAN POAS, Parque Nacional, Costa Rica.  Watercolor and ink in my art-notebook.

This is one of seven active volcanoes in Costa Rica, a country with hundreds of volcanoes! Poas has an average water temperature of 40 degrees Centigrades (a little over a hundred Farenheit), a depth of 300 meters (over 900 feet) and a diameter of 1320 meters (over 4,000 feet). When you visit volcan Poas, you can see the crater and the lake inside if you are lucky. It is often covered by clouds. When I went last month, I couldn't see it at first, covered by clouds, my friends and I took a one hour walk around Laguna Botos nearby, and when we returned...the clouds opened up! It was beautiful! Being able to see it after after our walk felt like an award for our patience and effort.