LIBRERIA LA PUERTA, San Ramon, Costa Rica

Libreria LA PUERTA, San Ramon, Costa Rica. I walked in with curiosity, walked out an hour later in awe. A tiny garage-like hole in the wall. A smiling woman with no formal education, surrounded by books in several languages, and walls filled with poetry hand-written by customers and visitors. Diana, the owner, is a poet and holds regular meetings there with poets, writers, musicians. Her world keeps expanding. She's a savior of souls.

I was so impressed with her simplicity, lack of formal education and role models in her life, yet SHE LOVES TO READ! When she was younger, her family thought she was crazy to prefer to spend time with books instead of talking, or doing something else. She didn't have cards for her bookstore. So I painted this small watercolor, and had cards made with it, and gave them to her. The original watercolor is also in her bookstore. When you go to San Ramon, visit Libreria LA PUERTA, diagonal from Cafe Delicias.