LAUREL II, pastel portrait on suede board

LAUREL II, pastel portrait on suede board, 20x16 in.
I painted Laurel's portrait in 2007. Her unfortunate brain cancer and untimely death some months later, at 13 years old, was a tragedy. The family was devastated.

I didn't know what happened to the portrait for several years. I found it last year in a very poor condition. For seven years that portrait must have been exposed to strong light, humidity, and a lot of movement , to judge by its condition. I offered to "fix" it, still not sure how I would do it, but it was very sad to see the state that portrait was in.

 I have been working over my original Laurel's portrait for some weeks now, and finally was able to make it look similar to the original. So this is the "fixed" version, finished today, of that original portrait painted seven years ago, and later ruined.