GUO FENYI, CHINA, watercolor

Guo Fenyi, China, died at 68 years old, China Pavilion, La Biennale di Venezia 2013, Italy. My little watercolor to remember Guo Fenyi is simple, compared to her complex designs.

I have chosen to report on this artist, because I was impressed with her work. Guo Fenyi developed acute arthritis at the age of 39, being forced to retire. Her suffering lessened when she started practicing Qigong, focusing and strengthening energy. After several years of immersion in Qigong, she experience visions, and a tremendous outpouring of energy and artistic productivity. In a few years, she created over a thousand drawings in ink, pencil, and ballpoint pen. Guo Fenyi saw her work as an extension of her Qigong practice and said she was only a medium, asserting that her message "came from heaven". "I draw because I don't know" she said. "I draw in order to know."