FINESTRA APERTA, Assissi, Italy, watercolor

Finestra Aperta in Assissi, Italy, 9x6 watercolor.

Continuing with my report on La Biennale di Venezia ,  another interesting exhibition was the comic book form of Genesis, by R. Crumb, American. " By the mid 1970s he was a legend in underground comics. His one-page comic "keep on truckin' became a slogan. in 2009 he published his most ambitious work to date: All 50 chapters of the book of Genesis in comics, 207 pages of black and white drawings. It took him over five years to complete. The sacred is seen through the base and lurid lens of the human." says the catalog. It was awesome to see several walls covered with the framed 207 pages with the story, word by word, of the book of Genesis from the Bible, and the drawings.