Ricklundgården 5, Sweden, watercolor 4x6 in (10x15 cm.)
Not available, sent to my grand-daughter Alejandra.

Walking around this area, I find so many beautiful places to paint, that I am working as fast as I can, painting several watercolors a day, every day, today, tomorrow, and forever!
I recently read the poem TODAY, TOMORROW, FOREVER, by Sussi Gabrielsen. Here are some lines:
"They were here first, the mountains
then the fjords, the forests, the rivers.
The first artists
Ice and Water
ardently set to work
with tools provided by the Maker Himself:
sun, wind and rain.
With heat and cold,
with love and pain,
with fantasy and the urge to create
They were carved, the monuments:
the tides, the gorges, the cliffs,
then they carved out the grottos
the caves, the harbors
all under the artist's direction..."