Valparaiso II, Chile, watercolor, 9x12 in.
South America Cruise series # 26

Valparaiso is an awesome town! Colorful, escalating up the mountain, full of little corners and hidden places, twists and turns, and with "elevators" or "inclined trolleys" to take you up and down. One is represented in this painting. I have talked about them in a previous blog. The highlight of my visit to Valparaiso was Pablo Neruda's house, for me. Amazing!!! He collected all kinds of objects he called them "juguetes" or toys. Look at this poem:

"En mi casa he reunido juguetes pequeños y grandes, sin los cuales no podria vivir. El niño que no juega no es niño, pero el hombre que no juega perdió para siempre al niño que vivía en el y que le hara mucha falta."
"In my house I have gathered toys big and small, without which I could not live. The boy that does not play is not a boy, but the man who does not play has forever lost the boy that lived inside him, and whom he will greatly miss." -------------------------Pablo Neruda, "Botellas y Mascarones"