Puerto Varas, Chile, watercolor, 9x12 inches
South America Cruise aboard Carnival Splendor series # 29

Puerto Varas is only 16 km. from Puerto Montt, where the cruise ship stopped. Puerto Varas is inside, overlooking Lake Llanquihue, the largest lake in Chile, and one of the largest lakes in South America. It has waves like a sea or ocean, and on the shore there, you cannot see the other side. This town is also called "City of Roses, due to the large variety and quantity of roses planted everywhere. Between 1850 and 1880 the Chilean government asked Germany to send people, families, here, and gave them land, and a few animals to start working the land and establish farms. Today, Puerto Varas and the surrounding area looks like Bavaria, with signs in Spanish. Well cared gardens, beautiful homes, snow capped mountains, rivers and the beautiful lake Llanquihue. What a blessing to have been able to visit this place!