ARICA III, CHILE, watercolor

Arica III, Chile, watercolor, 4x6 in.
South American Cruise, watercolor journal # 21

The taxi in Arica took us all along the coast, to see the big salmon plants, where they extract the Omega 3 from the salmon, to process and sell it all over the world. I believe they said  it was the largest processing plant in the world for Omega 3. What do you know! We also went into the dry countryside to see some hieroglyphs and marks left by the ancient inhabitants of the area. Not as famous as the "Nazca lines", though. Those were too far from Arica and our ship to make it in a couple of hours. We visited a fabulous Museum of Anthropology, sponsored by the University. Modern , very well equipped, and up to date with the latest discoveries of ancient people of the area, including many mommies dated over 5000 years old;  a real surprise in such a desolate area.