Paseo por Sevilla, Spain, watercolor

Paseo por Sevilla, Spain, watercolor, 6x12 cm (2x5 in)
Typical stroll in downtown Sevilla's "Barrio Santa Cruz", very romantic. Sevilla is a wonderful city to visit any time of the year, but in the Spring, it is especially attractive, when all the orange trees in the city are in bloom. The perfume of the orange blossoms goes to your head and makes you dizzy with pleasure and delight. Sometimes, you can even smell it as far as the airport, as soon as you get off your plane. In the past two years, downtown Sevilla is particularly attractive, since you can ride a very modern and silent tramway, which slithers through the ancient buildings. This sleek  tramway has very wide and high glass sides, which allows for a perfect view of the buildings, parks, cyclists, horse-drawn carriages, etc. Enjoy!