Norwegian Epic, Leaving Rome

Norwegian Epic, Leaving Rome, watercolor sketch, 6x12cm.
After a few days in Rome, my friend Mireille and I left in this cruise ship for a few days in the Mediterranean Sea. October is a lovely month to be in the Mediterranean, good weather, good food, art festival, outdoor market, everything is right! We left the port of Rome, Civitaveccia, and headed to Pisa, our next port. This ship is the second largest in the world, almost 5,000 passengers, almost 2,000 crew members. Yet, they manage to organize all activities, including meals, in a smaller atmosphere. My only complaint, which I wrote to the managers/powers that be, was that you had to pass inside the casino in order to go to the sit-down dinner at the main restaurant. You absolutely have to. I thought that was too pushy and disrespectful.