Norwegian Epic II, at Sea

Norwegian Epic II, at Sea, watercolor, 6x12cm., available
While aboard the Norwegian Epic cruise ship, in October 2012, I painted some scenes of every day life at sea. I was going from Rome to Barcelona with my friend Mireille.

A couple of months ago, thinking of my friend Marisa, who was born in Bolzano, Italy, I read: CASANOVA IN BOLZANO, by Sandor Marai, a Hungarian writer who died in San Diego, California. I felt touched by the coincidences. I was in Budapest when I learned of him (although quite famous ), the title of his book includes "Bolzano", and he died in San Diego, where I live part of the year. I really liked the book, I found Marai very inspiring. Some quotations: "He knew that everything was of equal importance, because it is only the feelings we have about what we see that makes things seem different.".....and....."I gave everything a woman can give a man, passion and patience, children, excitement, peace, security, tenderness, freedom from care...."