Le Pont de Van Gogh...Then, and Now

Le Pont de Van Gogh....Then, and Now, watercolor, two 6x4 paintings, framed together, not available.

In 2007, I visited Le Pont de Langlais, near Arles, France, with my friends Marisa and Frank. There was a reproduction, in metal, of Van Gogh's famous painting, near the bridge, my copy on the left. What we saw, however, was similar to the painting on the right. The bridge was up, trees were overgrown in the background, and a cement shelf had replaced the plants and weeds by the river. Two women were caressing each other lovingly, instead of washing clothes by the river. They were fully dressed, but what I was painting was so small, I decided to make my point by undressing them. Women now are free to express their love in public,  instead of washing clothes. Voila!

The second part of this story, is that some time later, showing this double painting at the San Juan Capistrano Fine Art Festival, my friend Marisa bought it, paying full price. I was so embarrassed when I learned what she had done! I would have gladly given it to her! It was such a lovely memory of the wonderful trip we had done together! At home, she placed it on the wall in front of her desk, "to see it every day" she said. She has seen it every day for all these years, and tonight, as she sleeps peacefully in that room, she may be seeing it for the last time.