El Trenino del Renon, Alto Adige, Italy

El Trenino del Renon, Alto Adige, Italy, watercolor, 11x15 in.
This area is the birthplace of my friend Marisa, who passed away this past Saturday, January 5th.
I painted this watercolor in her memory, from photographs I took when I visited her home town of Bolzano with her, my husband, and other friends in 2006. Bolzano is in Italy, very close to the border with Austria. So close, that the town has passed from Austrian to Italian hands and back several times in the past centuries. The mountains in the background are the Dolomites.
Marisa was highly cultivated, spoke several languages, well read, intelligent, and very funny; she once quoted her mother as having said: "Everything has an end, except for the sausage, which has two."