Bottles for Rosario

Bottles for Rosario, watercolor on Hungarian hand-made paper, 6x12 cm.
These bottles are full of water from Lourdes, for my "consuegra" (my daughter's mother in law) Rosario. I filled them up in Lourdes, France, and took them to Spain for her. She appreciates this "holy water". I don't believe in it, but I do it for her because she does.

Painting every day keeps the hand warm, Sorolla used to say. I paint every day for several reasons: a) it does keep the hand warm, b) it gives me sanity, c) I love painting, d) it's an addiction. Don't forget to come to the San Diego Pastel Society's meeting Sunday December 2nd, at the Point Loma Library, San Diego, California, at 2:00pm. I'll be doing a demo and talking about my month as Artist in Residence in Budapest this past July.