Love me for Love's Sake

Love me for Love's Sake, watercolor, 6x9" (15x23cm.) available. I recently published a similar image, on Yupo, and bigger size (20x26) It's a different painting I did, after trying this small size I liked it so much I did the larger version. It's the larger version "Only You", that was juried in at the San Diego Watercolor Society this month.
My friend Lidia, an artist from Venice, told me today the story of Venice. It seems that the Romans were in danger of invasion, about 1800 years ago,  so they decided to save the "best and brightest" among them, the artists! They sent the artists on a boat to a farther away island. Once the artists arrived, they disassembled the boats, and with that wood built cottages and houses, sticking the poles of this very hard wood deep in the water. The wood was so sturdy, that the buildings stood strong, some even to this day. Venice was founded by artists and artisans.