Ma Chambre `a Chantilly

Ma chambre `a Chantilly, watercolor on my traveling journal, 4x6", available.
I stayed in Chantilly in the summer, in the house of my friends Fredrerick and Nathalie. Their beautiful house reflects their traveling experiences, and their love for beauty, stability, organization and order. This was my room/bed while I stayed there in July this year. Chantilly is a lovely town north of Paris, in France. Chantilly is famous for their thouroughbred horses, their castle, and now...this Blog which mentions it!
Si tu veux  lire cet Blog en francais, fai comme sa:
1.  Faites un clic droit---une boite apparait...
2. Cliquez sur "traduiere........"une barre apparait sur le dessus
3. :Traduire l'angais vers........"........choisir la langue que tu voila!
bon dimanche!