Sleeping on the AVE

Sleeping on the AVE (Alta Velocidad Espanola), watercolor, 17x12 cm. If you stay still, I'll paint you. This beautiful girl fell asleep on the high speed train from Zaragoza to Madrid. I was sitting across from her. Si te quedas quieta, te pinto. Esta hermosa mujer se quedo dormida por una media hora en el tren de Zaragoza a Madrid. Yo estaba sentada frente a ella.

Zhang Daqian, China, 1899-1983 works of ink and pigment on paper were in exhibition at the beginning of this year at the San Diego Museum of Art. Zhang Daqian emerged as a master painter in the first half of the XXth C. Schooled in traditional painting, he was inspired by abstract expressionism from the West. Zhang is most noted for "splashed ink-and-color" style that he developed in his 60s. I loved his work. Los trabajos de Zhang Daqian, de China, en tinta y pigmento sobre papel, fueron exhibidos al principio de este ano en el Museo de Arte de San Diego. Zhang surgio como maestro pintor en la primera mitad del siglo XX. Habiendo estudiado en estilo tradicional, fue inspirado por el expresionismo abstracto de occidente. Zhang si famoso por sus trabajos de "tinta salpicada y color" un estilo que el desarrollo en su sesentena. Me encanta su trabajo.