Dreamer, pastel, 40x30cm (16x12"). I painted "Dreamer" in Paris last year, from a live model. "Dreamer" is now in exhibition at the "Salon de Printemps", Galerie d'Art de Verfeil, Verfeil, France. Yo pinte este retrato en Paris el ano pasado, frente a la modelo. "Dreamer" esta ahora en exhibicion en el "Salon de Printemps", Galeria de Arte de Verfeil, en Verfeil, Francia.

Pastels is an extremely versatile medium. Pastel sticks is pure pigments and chalk bound with gum. There are three grades: soft, medium and hard. Then there are also the pastel pencils, whick is what I used for this portrait. The color of the paper plays an important part in the finished picture. Some of the techniques of pastel painting are: crosshatching, pointillism, linear strokes, scumbling.