Free Lunch in Senegal

Free Lunch in Senegal, watercolor, 5x7" (12x17cm.)

Thinking about the poverty of Senegal, and how hard women work to make ends meet, reminded me of an extraordinary woman's story, Rita Golden Gelman, who wrote: Tales of a Female Nomad, Living at Large in the World. This is a true story, Rita says: "There has to be more than one way to do life". She was living as a Hollywood socialite, then she proceeded to totally change the way she lived, disposing of most of her things and travelling around the world with very little money. She lived with families, exchanging work for food, she trusted her instincts and trusted people. "I'm becoming the person inside me." "All I have to go on is trust." "Connection requires participation." These are some of her phrases. She's living an extraordinary life. I'm trying to do the same.