From her impressions of a landscape to portraits of people, Minnie tries to tell a story with her paintings; to convey a feeling; to share an emotion; always searching to capture the beauty and wonder of the world we live in. A true connection with the observer creates meaning and purpose in artistic credence. 

Minnie's divergent interests in genre stem from a deep love of the interplay of light, shadow, mood and drama, always trying to convey a relationship of harmony in composition. The challenge of doing something unusual, and working with found mediums like experimental paintings on coffee bags in Panama, an abstract series on book-covers in France, or a series on original Egyptian papyrus, keeps her work fresh, relevant, and ever evolving.

Born and raised in Córdoba, Argentina, Minnie immigrated to the US, to raise a family and pursue a career as a teacher. Minnie splits her time now between La Jolla, California, and the South of France, painting with pleasure and passion. When in San Diego, you can find Minnie at The Glashaus in Barrio Logan, CA.